How come air mattresses make people sweat?

Air Mattress Sweat
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You had an amazing night, slept like a rock, but wake up all sweaty! What gives! It’s got to be this stupid air mattress, right?

Well, probably not…

It’s usually not the air mattress that is the cause of you waking up in a sweat. Usually, it’s the environment in which you have just slept in.

When people are using an air mattress, it’s usually because they are sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, such as a friend’s house or the great outdoors.

Non-familiar environments increase a person’s anxiety levels. This goes back to our animalistic instincts, which are to always be on alert when we are in unfamiliar territory.

Anxiety has been known to cause night sweats.

However, there’s usually a better explanation as to why air mattresses make people sweat.

We always recommend that people sleep with sheets on their air mattress. The sheets will preferably be very porous and made of cotton. This combination allows the sheets to really breath, which will in turn cause the heat to not get trapped on the air mattress.

The sheets also double as an absorbent for your sweat. So even though you may sweat while you sleep, you won’t wake up feeling drenched.

Another main factor that causes people to sweat when sleeping on an air mattress is that their vacationing and as a result, their diet isn’t as good as it normally is.

Let’s face it, when we go away on vacation, we usually do not eat a very healthy diet. We want to soak in all of the local cuisine that we can!

It’s been proven that deviating from your normal diet can throw your body into overdrive, which can cause sweating.

So if you really do not want to sweat when sleeping on an air mattress, make sure you’re watching what you eat.

And as always, try and sleep in a comfortable environment. If a fan or air conditioner is available, you may want to turn it on.

Air Mattress material is another factor.

Most air mattresses are made of vinyl or a rubber like material that is not very breathable and for good reason, it would not stay inflated otherwise. While not directly causing sweating, it does contribute to somewhat to the temperature and condensation that happens around your body.

So how can you make it more comfortable?

1. Proper covers and spreading of the bed sheets

The air inside an an air mattress changes with the temperature of the room and seasons. To alleviate this proper bed sheets and a mattress cover should help prevent this.

2. Place the air mattress on a softer surface

This is a very simple trick to improve the overall quality of an air mattress. Putting a soft mat or a rug underneath the air mattress will help get some air flowing underneath the air mattress. This trick will also help keep the mattress quieter.

3. Add a mattress topper

This is also a fairly quick way to help prevent sweating. Simply adding a quality mattress topper will provide some additional air flow between you and the air mattress. This also ensures that you aren’t just sleeping right on top of the vinyl or rubbery surface of the top of the air mattress.

4. Place it on a box spring

while a bit more involved than the others, placing your air mattress on a box spring will also help with comfort and preventing sweating. The nice thing about this one is that the mattress is higher up and it makes it easier to get out of the air mattress.

5. Proper Inflation

Finally, proper inflation is also key to preventing sweating. If the mattress is under inflated, you sink further into the air mattress and have more

So if you’re wondering if your air mattress will make people sweat, the answer is probably not. Just follow the above tips!