Allersoft 100 Percent Cotton Mattress Protector Review

Allersoft 100 Per Cent Cotton Mattress Protector Review

Allersoft 100 Percent Cotton Mattress Protector: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Many different sizes available
  • Fully zippered encasement
  • 90-day warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Need to take care to find the right size
  • Durability issues

If you want to get a mattress protector, then you actually have quite a range of options before you, and a number of choices to make. Do you need full waterproof protection, are you looking for hypoallergenic materials, and do you prefer a fitted or zippered type of protector?

Then there is the question of price tag. Are you looking for a bargain-priced item, knowing that it may very well come up short on all of it’s promises, or do you want to pay the big bucks for a premium product – and if so, are you sure you need all the features it comes with?

Allersoft 100 Percent Cotton Mattress Protector Review

National Allergy 300 Thread Count 100-Percent Cotton Bed Bug, Dust Mite & Allergy Control Mattress Protector, Queen 12-Inch White

This protector from Allersoft is certainly the latter of those types, with a pretty hefty price tag weighing in at a bit over $100. A mid-range protector would probably set you back more like $50 so there better be a lot about this product to justify that price tag!

As we’ll discuss in this article, there certainly is a lot more than meets the eye with this deceptively simple product.

Who is this product for?

Given the price tag, this product is naturally aimed more at the person who is willing to spend to get a premium product.

So, for example, if you’ve just spent a considerable amount of money buying a new high-quality mattress then it may make sense to invest in a mattress protector such as this one to provide extra protection and really protect the investment that you’ve made in your new mattress.

What’s included?

In the box you will receive one mattress protector, which is of the zipper type. This means that it is going to completely encase your mattress, and be sealed at the back with a zipper.

Because of this style, it is important that you purchase a protector that matches the size of the mattress you own. If the protector is too small it simply won’t fit, and if it is too large it’s going to crease and fold over and be uncomfortable to lie on.

Overview of features

Where do we start?

Well, the first thing to note is that his protector boasts a 100% cotton construction. This is great because cotton is naturally a hypoallergenic material. Add in the fact that there are no dyes or chemicals added and you have a product perfectly suited for anyone with any allergies or sensitivities.

Sticking with that cotton, cheaper products are often a cotton and polyester blend, which simply does not promote good airflow. Because this protector is 100% pure cotton, this product can take advantage of the natural breathability of cotton to allow airflow to circulate to the mattress. This is going to help the overall health of the mattress and also prevent hot spots building up as you sleep.

Boasting a thread count of 300, the cotton is very tightly woven so whilst it does allow some breathability, the weave is too tight to allow penetration by allergens such as dust, dust mites and even bed bugs. That, frankly, is a superb feature all by itself, as nothing will shorten your mattress lifespan faster than a bed bug infestation.

Cotton is also a very comfortable surface to sleep on. It can help the bed remain cooler than polyester blends, it doesn’t crinkle and make noise like models with a lot of plastic in the construction and it is lovely and soft adding an extra level of comfort to your bed.

Finally, the fact that Allersoft have decided on a zipper-style design is also to be applauded. These types of protector really do offer the very best levels of protection, so its only fitting that such a well-designed and constructed protector should be of that design.

Get the most out of it

To get the most from your investment, you only really need to do two things – make sure you buy the right size product for your mattress, and also keep it clean.

Simply strip it off every two to three months and pop it into the washing machine. Very straightforward – but very important too.


It’s actually hard to think of alternatives, because this product is just too good! If it has one weakness, it is the fact that it doesn’t really provide any waterproof protection against spillages or leaks.

This is probably going to be less of a problem for adults of course, but that could make this product unsuitable for younger children, especially during the potty training years. In that instance, a premium product that also combines waterproof protection could be a better bet, such as the Guardsman Supreme Guard Mattress Protector.


As we made clear at the top of the review, this product certainly has a premium price tag. It really does live up to it though by providing a product that is constructed of the very finest materials. It gives superb comfort and excellent all-round protection. If you have an expensive mattress you want to safeguard without compromising comfort then this is probably the protector for you.

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