7 Bedroom Decor Tips That Promote Better Sleep

Bedroom Design Tips for better sleep
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Your bedroom is a reflection of who you are—all of your habits, routines and unique traits. Most importantly, your bedroom has one sole purpose. It should help you get a good night’s sleep. Our designers have these bedroom decor tips for a better night’s sleep:


Bedroom Lighting--bedroom decor tips
Bright lights are great for the daytime hours when you are getting dressed. But as bedtime approaches, your lighting should become darker, until it’s lights out. To give yourself some flexibility in your bedroom, install dimmers, night stand lamps, sconces, or even rope lights. These can also make it more romantic but, at that the end of the day, you can create a calming relaxing atmosphere.


Bedroom Colors
Sleep in a room with bright, bold colors is like trying to get a good night’s sleep with the lights on. To improve your sleep, consider giving your bedroom a new paint job. Soft soothing neutrals—such as greys/silvers, blues, soft yellows, and greens are the perfect colors for a solid night’s sleep.

Also, we recommend using a flat paint instead of a satin, eggshell, or glossy finish. A glossy finish will typically reflect the light, while a flat finish will absorb it. This will make the room appear darker and create a softer feel.

Finally, be aware of the accent color. Use complementary colors, not contrasting. Complementing colors are parallel on the color wheel, and do just that, complement each other. Contrasting colors will stimulate the mind and keep you awake–not what we want to happen.


No bedroom electronics
No, just no. We already are bombarded with screen time during the day. Our goal it so have better sleep, so when it comes to electronic devices, just turn them off and make sure they are not near the room. One electronic device that we often see in bedrooms is the television. Watching television right before bed simply inhibits sleep. We recommend to keep you television in the living room or family room, not in the bedroom. The same goes with other electronics such as computer screens, cell phones and tablets. Best to leave them far away from your bedroom.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Bedroom--bedroom decor tips
Classical Feng Shui is an art as well as a sister science to acupuncture. Ancient Chinese sciences have been improving people’s lives for centuries and are based on the Yi Jing or Book of Changes.

The proper placement of furniture and accessories is at the very heart of setting up a Feng Shui bedroom. This is because every building has an unseen section grid, kind of like a tic-tac-toe game. A Feng Shui blueprint grid divides the interior width and depth by three. These energy grids are like unseen beams that can cause health problems in the area of the body that is bisected between two sections of the energy grid.

If there is one key to a proper Feng Shui bedroom layout, it’s to avoid bedrooms with exposed beams. But what if your bedroom already has exposed beams? Just ensure that any occupied furniture or beds are away from them.

Keeping your bedroom clutter or junk free is also important task for good Feng Shui. A messy bedroom isn’t good for a positive energy flow, even if all of your furniture is in the right place. So commit to keeping your space neat and tidy.

Window Treatments

blackout curtains
Do you like to get up when the sun rises? If not, then consider some new window treatments. Blackout Curtains are ideal for getting a few extra minutes of sleep, and will help you catch some meaningful shuteye on the weekends. This is also important depending on where you live. We lived in the North for a few years and those white nights can really mess with your sleep patterns as the sun doesn’t seem to really set. Blackout curtains were a life saver for us.

Finally, you can combine a tulle, roman shades or sheers along with blackout curtains to help keep that light out.


Bedroom Bedding
In general, restraint is an solid guideline when it comes to sourcing furniture and designing spaces. However, when it comes to bedding and sheets, we say that the sky is the limit. Go bold!! Whether it’s an extra half-dozen pillows or a second duvet, do whatever it takes to make your bed comfortable. Make sure you are warm and comfortable with a mattress that properly fits with your sleep style.

Make sure to check out our Monthly Design Inspiration pages for some awesome bedding ideas.

Area Rugs and Carpeting

Bedroom Area Rug--bedroom decor tips
Have you’ve ever stepped out of bed to realize that the floor is a polar ice sheet? Then you understand why a bedroom area rug or carpeting is necessary. Not only do bedroom area rugs save your chilly toes, but they allow you to flaunt your unique style and taste. You can use a rug buffer noises, hide annoying carpet stains, and protect your wood floors from being scratched by a heavy bed frame.

Conclusion on Bedroom Decor Tips

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do with theses bedroom decor tips to promote better sleep. What’s great about these 7 decor tips is that they are just guidelines and you can customize to your taste, style and artistic nature.

Have fun decorating!

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