Buying A Memory Foam Mattress or Mattress Topper

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If you are looking for a guide about buying a memory foam mattress topper, you have come to the right spot.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress or it is usually called as “memory mattresses” is a mattress that is topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive, visco-elastic memory foam. This type of mattress relieves pressure on painful joints to help you sleep better. There are three basic types of memory foam mattresses:

Traditional Memory Foam

This was the original type and was designed to reduce pressure points and conform to the body. Less pressure increases blood circulation and encourages better sleep. It promotes a healthier sleep environment since it is naturally anti-dust mite and anti-microbial. This is especially important for people with asthma or allergies. My favorite part is that they drastically reduce motion transfer, which is important for couples.

Additionally, memory foam is very durable and lasts 10 plus years which is significantly better than a traditional mattress. The majority of traditional mattress warranties require a 1.5-inch body indentation before they are labeled as defective. Most memory foam mattresses, however, require only a 0.5-inch indentation.

However, the main drawback is that they retain more body heat and that for me caused me to sweat more and not have as good of a good night’s sleep. That leads us on to the next type.

AirCool Memory Foam

aircool foam cross sectionAirCool Memory Foam is like the traditional foam mattress but responds much faster than traditional memory foam. Thus, eliminating that “quicksand” or sinking feeling some people dislike.

While it still retains some heat, the open cell structure of the AirCool Memory Foam allows for better airflow which reduces the heat retention issues some people (like myself) complain about!

AirCool Memory Foam is a little softer than traditional memory foam, so it is perfect for those who prefer a higher Comfort Scale rating.

Gel Memory Foam

gel foam cross sectionGel memory foam is more durable than traditional memory foam and is more effective at reducing pressure. These types tend to be denser, which is nice for those who prefer a lower Comfort Scale rating.

Gel memory foam is different than traditional or AirCool memory foam because the memory foam is infused with the same type of gel commonly found in athletic equipment and/or shoe sole inserts. This gel retains less heat and offers a dense, supportive feel.

While this type of a mattress is fairly new, there has only been one real small drawback. Some complain that the store model feels different than when it is install at home. This is a result of temperature sensitivity which is present in all memory foams, but may be more severe in gel memory foam. However, for the most part, this new product has been well received by customers and critics alike.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Mattress TopperMemory Foam Mattress Toppers or Mattress Toppers are made to be placed on over the top of the mattress to give extra support.

The foam responds to your body’s weight by conforming to the contours of the body; because it supports all parts equally, there are no pressure points to cause pain and soreness.

Memory foam mattress toppers can be a great solution or addition to a traditional mattress.

FAQs Related to Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers

Infographic on Buying a Memory Foam Mattress or Topper

how to buy a memory foam infographic

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If you have plan to purchase a mattress or topper, you should equip yourself with some basic mattress knowledge. Understanding the important details of products will help you save time and money, and get the best suitable memory foam mattress for your needs. The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) will help you learn basic things to make good decision before buying mattresses or toppers.

1. What Makes A Good Mattress?

A good mattress should help you sleep comfortably and deeply; you can feel comfortable with any postures or movements – free from “tossing and turning” feelings (move around restlessly while sleeping or trying to sleep). However, everyone can have different “tastes” and “needs” for how to choose the best mattresses or (toppers).

2. Common Expectation for Good Mattress?

A mattress (or topper) should be durable in quality and an affordable price. It should also have at least a 2 year of warranty. In addition, it should help you have better sleep such as having comfortable feeling during sleeping and after waking up (free from pain)

3. How Comfortable Should a Mattress Be?

good spine alignment
It depends on many factors such as thickness, density, and size. Each person has different “tastes”. Some may like softness while other people love firmness, and the rest like the combination of softness and firmness. (usually combined with toppers). However, the most important item to keep in mind is that the mattress you choose should keep your spine in it’s proper alignment.

4. What Type of Mattress Should Be Suitable?

There are various types of mattresses being sold on online and offline markets. Each has different prices, functions, years of warranty, coming from different manufacturers. Therefore, to choose the best ones, you should spend time checking and reviewing the popular and famous ones to see which ones can be best suited for your favorites.

5. How Many Brands of Mattresses and Toppers Exist?

There are various numbers of brands being sold on the markets. These are popular and famous. You may be able to view full list of brands in this website. Just spend time browsing and checking our reviews to see which brand that you like.

6. Why Are Mattresses Different From Each Other?

It is because they come from different manufacturers. Each has its own features: prices, functions, structures, years of warranty (which to reduce maintenance cost), quality, bonus (including related products such as pillow), thickness, size, density, etc…Nothing can be “perfect”. Just pick the one that you think they fit your needs. The best option is combination of mattresses and toppers.

7. What Are The Common Sizes for Mattresses and Toppers?

Mattresses and toppers can have various sizes. To pick the right size, you should measure your bed first and the search appropriately. The most common sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, and California King. However, after having lived overseas, there is even a difference in sizes between countries.
Mattress Size Comparison

8. What Are The Major Benefits?

benefits of memory foam mattressMemory Foam uses your own body heat to help maintain a consistent sleeping temperature. That along with proper spine alignment are probably the two biggest advantages. Since they are very dense, they are hypoallergenic. But when you couple them with an additional mattress protector, they also help prevent dust mites and bed bugs, making it a mattress you can count on for many years.

9. Which Memory Foam Mattress And Topper Brand Is The Best?

Actually, there are some good brands that you can consider before making your final decisions. These are popular and famous for their features, prices, quality, etc… All you have to do is check to see which one that can best fit your needs. Each brand has a unique type of mattress. You will be able to find the full list of mattress and topper brand in categories.

10. Are Memory Foam Mattresses Toxic?

certipur-logoIt depends on the brand but in today’s competitive market, most are not. To make sure that you are free from potentially hazardous chemicals, you should choose ones that have the CertiPUR-US label. The mattresses have this label which indicates that the mattresses are made to a high quality standard; and you can be free from worries of harmful chemicals.

11. Can Memory Foam Mattresses Be Found With Toxic Chemicals?

Most of quality and premium mattresses which have the CertiPUR-US label don’t contain toxic chemicals. However, some mattresses may contain a number of toxic chemicals if they don’t have the CertiPUR-US label. The following harmful chemicals can be: Ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Lead, etc… So make sure to check the description closely to make sure the one you are considering does not contain these chemicals.

12. Can A Mattress Be Eco-Friendly?

Yes. The manufacturing process of An eco-friendly mattress is not harmful to the environment; and an eco-friendly mattress is produced and made of friendly materials that don’t impact on the environment

13. What Is The Price Range of a Mattress or Topper??

Each mattress can have different prices. It depends on many factors such as brand name, type of mattress, size, thickness, etc… Prices of mattress can range from very cheap, cheap, affordable, expensive, to very expensive…Just plan your budget that you are willing to spend. Note: Prices may not always indicate the quality of mattress (or topper). No matter what price a mattress can have, a mattress can cause problem if it is made with harmful chemicals and materials. Instead of checking price alone as a measure of safety, you should check the label of mattress. The safe one should have the Certi-PUR label because it is produced and made of friendly materials (free from toxic chemicals).

14. Should I Choose A Soft or Firm Mattress?

As mentioned above, it depends on many factors to choose suitable mattress. Some may like soft mattress while others love firm mattress. However, the best choice is to pick the one that is not too soft and not too firm. The combination of firmness and softness will be the ideal option to think about. If needed, you can ask advice from a chiropractor or doctor to get the right level of firmness or softness for better health.

15. Can A Mattress Help People Who Are Suffering From Back Pain?

Yes. Each type of mattress can have different functions. Regardless of the type of mattress, most of people who are suffering from severe back pain or chronic pains usually are looking for a firm mattress. The firmness will be the main point as solution. It is necessary to ask advice from a chiropractor or doctor to pick the best mattress based on your current pain level or medical diagnosis. This will help with proper posture while sleeping. The suitable level of firmness will be the key to help reduce the amount of pain during sleeping.

16. What Factors Should I Pay Attention To When Buying A Memory Foam Mattress?

This seems to be the important question to be asked. There are lots of sellers including online and offline offering various mattresses (and topper). Here are some basic points that you should pay attention to:
– Years of warranty (durability can help reduce the cost of maintenance…)
– The label should be Certi-PUR. Free from toxic chemicals. Eco-friendly materials.
– Shipping cost (better is from low to free cost). However, it depends on your location so that the cost of shipping can be various.
– Exchange and Return. This will help you pick the right ones with high quality.
– Customer services.
– Selling various brands.
– Good ratings, reviews…
– Manufacturers