Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter Review

egyptian bedding down comforter
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As you are planning to buy the best down comforter for year round use, but this Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter is tops on the list. You will get plenty of choices online but few beat this one. This review is about the popular Egyptian Bedding Luxurious 800 thread Count Hungarian Goose Down Comforter in a King Size.

This comforter has been promoted by the manufacturer and sellers with main tags of being king size, original down comforter, made of 100 percent genuine Egyptian cotton.

So let’s have a look at its features and the reasons why you should buy this.

Original Goose down with 750 fill power

Goose down is rare, and this down comforter is made of 750+ filling of original Hungarian goose down, which is woven with a density of 800 TC. This means the down in the comforter is woven 800 threads per square inch, which gives the comforter the rich fill and density to create warmth. The softness and fluffiness comes from the filling density and pressure. In this case the 750+ fill pressure is more than average, and can be deemed quite good compare to average comforters in the market.

Besides, the true baffle box design allows downs to stay in place, and helps the comforter stay in shape throughout. This maximizes warmth, while downs do not slip off the baffle boxes anytime during daily use.

Original Egyptian cotton

The cotton used in weaving the comforter is totally pure and 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Cultivated in the rich and fertile soil of the Nile valleys since the time of history of Egypt, the cotton produced at this part of the world exceeds in quality from many other cotton qualities from around the world.

Egyptian cotton has its own brand and identity, and this same quality is used in the weaving of the king size down comforter from Egyptian Bedding.

The comforter contains pure Egyptian cotton which is hypo-allergenic, which means it won’t cause any allergy through any particulates.

Because of light weight and tensile strong Egyptian cotton, the comforter weighs only 50 ounces which is quite comfortable owing to its 106×90 inches King size.

Features and Specifications

The main features of the product which makes it noticeable are:

  • 750+ fill pressure of the downs
  • Original Hungarian Goose down
  • Original and 100% pure Egyptian cotton
  • 800 threads per square inch weave density
  • King sized comforter with specifically mentioned 106 x 90 inches size
  • Original factory packed shipping
  • Zip pouch packed to keep freshness locked while the pure white color is preserved
  • The cotton used is hypo-allergenic, which means its allergy free
  • For full year round use in all seasons for warmth and comfort

With the above specifications, the king sized Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter promises warmth and comfort in all seasons, with easy to wash fabrics.

Customer Reviews

Customers have voted and reviewed the Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter with full satisfaction. Most of the customer reviews specifies that the comforter came packed in great shape, and when they unpacked they got the fluffy and pure white comforter as they expected.

A few reviews state that customers found the down comforter to be more soft, light weight and fluffier than they expected, which made them use the thing with more ease and comfort. The baffle boxes have been reported to be in good shape, which is a positive feedback, and the Egyptian cotton used created no reported allergies in customers. One customer with a family history of allergies bought this comforter especially for its hypo allergic properties, and is satisfied with the non allergic material and make.

Warmth from the downs is reviewed to be of satisfactory to high quality as specified by multiple users, thus sketching a positive picture from most of the customer reviews.


Advantages and Disadvantages of this Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter

Following are the advantages of the king size luxurious down comforter:

  • King sized comforter for maximum spread
  • Original Hungarian Goose downs used for better insulation
  • Baffle box design to ensure maximum warmth, longevity and firm position of the downs throughout
  • 100% pure Egyptian cotton for non allergic and soft feel
  • 750+ fill pressure to give high quality warmth
  • 50 ounce weight which is quite low and easy to handle compared to warmth, quality and size
  • 800 TC cotton weaving to ensure high quality and firmness

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • The weight as compared to the fill pressure can be lowered with more research in forthcoming years, though this is the market standard as of now
  • The pure white color can easily be tinted with rough and casual usage, and maintaining the whiteness while keeping the daily use material odor and dirt free requires dry cleaning.

Opinion of the Experts about the Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter

Following the speculation of customer feedback and reviews, and the market watch etc, experts recommend usage of the product in cooler parts of the world for steady warmth and comfort throughout.

An original Hungarian Goose down comforter is rare, and the down comforter being priced like this one is quite reasonably priced and most definitely a good buy.

The Egyptian cotton is great in retaining softness, luster, texture, color, and quality, and do not gets rough to touch with time. That is why, the down comforter cover with the Egyptian cotton is a good make, and once again a nice pick.

The fill pressure and density is quite good for giving maximum warmth and comfort while the weight of the down comforter has been kept within 50 ounce thus making handling easy and comfortable. Therefore the product can promise to give softness and warmth in daily use, and being non allergic this can be used year round in any place.

Luxurious 800 Thread Count Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert - King/Cal King Size, 75 oz. Fill Weight, Premium Baffle Box, 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover (White)
  • Ultra-soft, plush, noiseless, fluffy Luxury Goose Down comforter provides warmth for year-round comfort
  • All-Season King / California King comforter measuring 106 x 90 inches with premium filling of 75 oz. Fill Weight, cloud like 750+ Fill Power. RDS Certified and filled with ethically sourced, responsibly harvested down & feather filling certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and BSCI.
  • Luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover provide ultimate luxury and comfort. Super plush and comfortable for all year comfort.
  • Premium 3D Baffle Box design eliminates cold spots and offers maximum warmth, loft and comfort.
  • 8 loops are designed to anchor duvet cover and protect comforter from shifting. Double needle stitching prevents down leakage. Comforter comes Brand New in Original factory packaging.


The Egyptian Bedding Down Comforter King Size is a good choice for daily use and year round use, in average to cool and ever cooler climates. Great to be used on a king or queen size bedding the down comforter is not just soft touch and light weight, but also non allergic, durable with its true baffle box design, and great for everyday use in great price.