How Big Is A Futon Mattress?

how big is a futon mattress
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Futon mattresses were first used in Japan but have since spread throughout the globe due to their comfort factor. Futons are made up of two parts: the frame and mattress. Futon can be in different sizes, where the frame and mattress determine the size. But just how big is a futon mattress?

There are two types of frames: Futon lounger and bi-fold. The Bi-fold frame is made up of two parts, the backrest, and the sitting part. In spite of this, some manufacturers offer matching ottoman instead that can also be used as a bench. Moreover, they also offer twin futon mattress which is suitable for single use.

How Big Is A Futon Mattress?

While the Futon loungers, also known as loveseats, have an additional lounge extension that folds and hides between the seat deck and futon base. This enables it to give the most sitting and sleeping space in small rooms.

The mattresses have also been improved and can be found in both custom and standard sizes which answer the question, how big are a futon mattress? The standard sizes are in the main four groups: chair, full, twin and queen which allows them to fit on standard beds.

Their depth usually varies from 5 to 20 inches depending on the materials used to make the mattress. So finally purchase the standard and best futon for your family and our buying guide must be very much helpful for you.

Mostly, cotton is used for basic futon mattresses though; a foam layer may be used to maintain the rigidity. Polyester and pocket coils or foam can also be used with innerspring.

how big is a futon mattress

Types of Futon Mattresses

In answering the question of how big is a futon mattress, we will look at the different types present. Futon mattresses act as bendable beds with frames that can be folded, but since modern futon mattresses have western dimensions, some of them cannot fold to 180 degrees.

Nevertheless, futons offer maximum utilization of spaces as they can give room for other functions, working as both beds and chairs making them popular for their flexibility. Futon mattresses come in different sizes and designs. The different types of futon mattresses include:

The Chair

It is a classy chair that can be used as a single person chair by day and a single person bed at night. It usually measures 28 inches wide by 54 inches long when opened to a bed position and can be utilized with an elective ottoman that uses 28 inches wide by 21 inches long mattress.

The Twin

It is a durable futon mattress that is reversible and can be folded into a coach or opened into a bed. There are two types of twin futons:

The Twin Split: Dimensions for the twin split are 39 inches wide by 75 inches long, and it needs an non-compulsory stand-alone ottoman along with a compatible 39 inches wide by 21 inches long mattress to be used as a bed.

The Twin Lounger: The dimensions for the twin lounger is 39 inches wide by 80 inches long and will also need a twin size mattress to be used as a bed.

However, they can both fit on twin beds.

The Full Futon Mattress

Among the best futon mattress, it is considered as a luxurious type of futon mattress that comes in three styles:

The Loveseat: This measures 54 inches wide by 54 inches long but requires an optional stand-alone ottoman part and a love ottoman mattress to be used as a bed.

The Full: That measures 75 inches wide by 54 inches long and can be used with a full-size futon mattress.

The Full Lounger: which includes an ottoman that slides into the frame and a love ottoman mattress when used as a bed.

Nonetheless, all three can open to a full sized bed.

The Queen Futon Mattress

They are found in three styles:

The Queen: It measures 80 inches wide by 60 inches long when opened and uses regular queen mattresses.

The Queen Split: Whose dimensions are 60 inches wide by 54 inches long when open conversely; an optional stand-alone ottoman and compatible mattress 60 inches wide by 26 inches long are required for it to be used as a bed.

The Queen Lounger: It has the same body as the Queen Split the only difference is that the ottoman part slides into the frame and it needs a Queen Ottoman mattress to be used as a bed.


Futon mattresses come in different categories allowing the buyer to choose from a variety of alternatives depending on their tastes and preferences. The fact that they can be easily folded and stored elsewhere gives them an advantage over normal mattresses. The problem of estimating how big is a full size futon is quite important in case you want to find out a suitable one for yourself and your family.

Chair or twin sizes can be used when one wants to utilize the least floor space possible, but they will need an alternative when they get guests. In such a case they should consider purchasing bigger futons such as Queen Split. Then again, if one requires more sitting space, a Queen Size or full futon would be a great fit.

They allow maximum utilization of space as the can serve multiple purposes such as floor couches, play area or even outdoor rest areas. This makes them a must-have home accessory both because of its aesthetics and comfort. Having stated all this, you must now have realized the answer to how big is a futon mattress.