How to Care for Your Faux Fur Blanket in Easy Steps!

How to Care for Your Faux Fur Blanket in Easy Steps
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Faux fur blankets are handy when it comes to warmth in the chilly nights. Depending on the material, taking care of faux fur blankets can be challenging. If you are wondering how to care for your faux fur blanket, then this article is for you.

More than that, it also gives a feeling that the blanket is made of animal fur, but it is actually made of other synthetic materials that look like animal fur. They not only provide us with warmth but also offers a chic and stylish look. It is often rated as a luxury item that makes it little unique.

What Is Faux Fur Made Of?

Faux fur is also called fake fur because it looks like animal fur, but it is fake. It is made of synthetic materials that include polyester, modacrylic, and acrylic. As it looks pleasant to eyes and is much cheaper than original fur, faux fur is commonly used in blankets, different types of clothing (like faux fur coats), boots, other household objects, and upholstery.

When it comes to faux fur blankets, you can also find many different materials to provide the softness and comfort other than commonly used materials. These materials include silk, rayon, wool, and cotton. If you want to clean or wash your faux fur blanket, it is very important to learn about the fiber content as the washing process is different for different materials.

How to Care for Faux Fur

Before we move onto the original question and teach you how to care for your faux fur blanket, it is better to learn about how to care for faux fur in general. In this way, we can also help you take care of other items made of faux fur.

You may have different faux fur items available in your home, but the challenge is that they all come in different sizes, shapes, and even materials that the faux fur is made of. This makes taking care of faux fur items very challenging.

It depends on an individual item if you can clean or wash them with hand or machine. Many faux fur items are only for dry clean. You need to learn about the material as well as detailed manufacturer’s instructions before you can decide about what to do with a faux fur item.

Here are a few tips that can help you take care of a faux fur.

  1. If you need to wash a faux fur item, make sure to use cold water.
  2. The best practice is to fill the tub or a sink with cold water, depending on the size of the faux fur.
  3. Add mild detergent to the water and move your hand in the water to mix it.
  4. Soak the item in the water for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Drain the soapy water but keep the faux fur in the tub or sink.
  6. Add clean water and rinse the faux fur item to remove all traces of soap.
  7. Now, refill the tub with water again and add fabric conditioner.
  8. Soak the faux fur item in the water, this time for 10 minutes.
  9. Again, repeat the rinsing process. Use a clean and dry towel to dry faux fur.
  10. Keep it under the sun to dry it.
  11. Brush it after it is 100% dry.

The above steps are applicable for most faux fur items, other than faux fur boots. However, you can also use a different method to take care of a faux fur blanket.

How to Care for Your Faux Fur Blanket

When taking care of your faux fur blanket, like cleaning or washing your blanket, it is extremely important to learn about the manufacturer’s instructions. Some faux fur items are only for dry clean, or at most, you can spot clean them using a mild detergent. For example, polyester faux fur blankets are mostly dry clean only.

On the other hand, some are washable. If you want to clean a washable faux fur blanket, you have two options. You can hand wash or machine wash your blanket. In the case of hand wash, you can pretty much repeat the above steps.

However, most of the faux fur blankets are machine-washable. The challenge here is that faux fur blankets are very heavy, and they also absorb a lot of water, making them much heavier. This is why, if your faux fur blanket is big and heavy enough, we recommend using a commercial washer.

If your machine can handle the weight, especially if it is a top-loading washing machine, you can also do it at home. Here is a step-by-step guide to washing a faux fur blanket:

  1. Fill the washing machine with cold water and set it to the delicate cycle. Make sure to wash the faux fur blanket separately without adding any other items to the machine.
  2. Add mild detergent to the water, preferably a product that is specifically usable for delicate fabrics. Make sure you are not using any fabric softeners as it will ruin the faux fur.
  3. As faux fur blankets absorb a lot of water, you need to put an extra effort to dry it. In most cases, you need two spin cycles in your dryer for a faux fur blanket. Once the spin cycle or cycles are complete, pull it out and hang it to air dry, preferably under the sun.
  4. After drying, shake it to fluff it and restore its original shape. Do not use excessive drying cycles to get rid of water. Instead, air dry your blanket. Use of dryer can ruin the blanket. If you must use a dryer, always use no heat setting, also known as air fluff.

The washing process is pretty straightforward. However, if you have confusion about the materials in the faux fur blanket, or there are no washing instructions available from the manufacturer, it is better to hire a professional to wash your blanket.

The Don’ts When Taking Care of Faux Fur Blanket

  • Don’t use bleach when washing or spot cleaning your blanket.
  • Don’t iron your blanket.
  • Don’t use any fabric softener.
  • Don’t use dryer excessively, which is a common mistake as faux fur blankets absorb a lot of water.

Final Words

Faux fur is a heavy blanket that feels and looks different than traditional blankets. It also requires extra care as it is all about the feel and look of the fur. You can easily ruin the look and feel if you don’t take care of it properly.

In the above article, we have listed some do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking care of not just faux fur blankets but other items made from faux fur as well. These tips can help you keep your faux fur items in good condition for a long time.