How To Choose A Futon Mattress – Guide & Frequent Question

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So you are wondering how to choose a futon mattress? Choosing a futon mattress requires a lot of factors to be put into consideration. A futon mattress is a very versatile form of furniture, and it can serve in many ways than one.

This is why it is a very popular piece of furniture. Its multipurpose nature is what makes it the first choice for a lot of people, especially those with a lot of visitors that sleepover. People that are living in houses that have little or no space often opt-in for this convertible couch to enable them to accommodate more people or harness the little space they have. However, it is not an easy task to find out the most suitable futon mattress for you and your family. Knowing this reality, we are pleased to list out Top 8 Best Futon Mattress Reviews & Buying Guide 2018 to help you.

Futons are couches that can easily be converted into beds. They are made out of different forms of materials. Some are made of solid hardwood, while some are made with metals. The type of material used is one of the factors that determine the price.

Solid hardwood material futons are usually in the upper price range than the ones made with metals. One should also note the cushioning material also varies. Some are filled with cotton and wool, while some others are filled with foam. These also affect the price of the futon, just as the presence of coils affects them too.

There is a lot to consider in choosing a futon mattress. Here is a guide to help you:

Use of the Futon

The frequency of the usage of the futon would help determine the type you should purchase. Ask yourself how often it would be used. If it is intended for guests and occasional use, then a less expensive one would do just fine.

The less expensive ones are usually the ones filled with cotton and wool. If it is intended for daily use, then the ones made of higher quality should be your target. Using a cheap futon on a daily basis would only cause you to spend more on a replacement.


One factor in choosing almost every product is a beauty. Most people prefer something to beautify their home, no matter the function of the product. Some can go as far as buying accessories for esthetic purposes. As for the futon, they are available in several colors and styles.

The choice is yours in selecting one that would match your home. Since the futon is primarily a couch, you should opt in for one that would look good in your home. The couch you use plays a vital role in beautifying your home.

Check for ones that match the color and style of your home. Also check out for coiled filled ones, because they tend to lose shape over time. Foam-filled futons are often good at holding shape and are the best futons used more as couches.

Mattress Thickness

The choice of mattress thickness is based on the frame and the user. A thin futon frame would be ideal for a thin mattress, and the same applies to a thick frame. Wooden frames are known for having thicker mattresses.

how to choose a futon mattress

However, the choice of a mattress depends on the user too. Some users prefer thick mattresses, while others can make do with thin ones.


It is possible to use coverings on the futon mattress. Some users prefer using the futon mattress as it is, while some others prefer using a covering of their choice. If you intend choosing a mattress cover, then you should consider esthetics here too. Choose the color that suits you and matches your home properly.

But before you choose the color, the fabric type also plays a vital role. The common fabric types are cotton, microsuede, and microfiber. Some coverings are water resistant, while some are not.

All in all, the qualities of the covering go a long way to affect the price.

Another thing you need to consider before choosing the cover is the size of the futon mattress. Since the cover is usually placed over the surface of the mattress, it need to fit the mattress size. For example, a twin size futon mattress needs a twin size mattress cover so that the cover can protect the mattress perfectly from dust, dirt and so on.

Frame Size

As stated earlier, the frame of the futon plays an important role. However, the frame size is dependent on the size of your room too. Getting a queen-sized frame for a small room would not do you any good. Ensure that your choice of frame is the perfect choice for your room size.

For those that already have a frame, you are to choose a mattress based on the size of the frame. Just ensure that you make all the required measurements rather than estimating the respective sizes. It is possible that you purchase the frame from a platform that does not have the mattress. You can search online if you do not know where to buy a new futon mattress.

Bottom Line on How to Choose a Futon Mattress

In conclusion, you would notice that there are a lot of things to consider before choosing and purchasing a futon mattress. Every one of the factors in consideration is almost equally important, and cannot be sidelined for one reason or the other. Although, the price can be a barrier to choosing the futon mattress that would suit you properly. That is why there are a lot of factors to help and guide you through the selection process.