Mattress Topper – What is it for?

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A mattress topper is used on top of the main mattress or bed for the user’s extra comfort. With the mattress topper, the feel of the bed will be softer and more soothing. You will surely have a relaxing sleep or rest after a tiring day at work. Aside from the extra comfort it gives, a mattress topper is also used to prolong the life of a mattress and prevent it from getting damaged easily.

Because of the benefits that a mattress topper brings, it is recommended to be used in every household and by every homeowner.

The advantages of owning a mattress topper can be put into two categories – it increases comfort and prolongs the life of your mattress. Aside from those two, there are other benefits that a homeowner can expect when using a mattress topper. They have been listed below for homeowners’ reference.

  1. It provides an additional layer for added comfort and protection. As discussed above, a mattress topper will not only provide a softer layer for your mattress, but will also give extra protection to prevent it from getting damaged easily. Sleeping or resting on a mattress without a topper will surely reduce its quality after a few years of use. Discoloration may also be expected due to sweat or frequent use. The mattress topper can be turned easily, allowing a homeowner to use a different side each day. This will prevent overusing one area, which normally makes an item more prone to defects and other quality issues.
  2. Using a mattress topper is also recommended because it can protect your mattress against 3 main elements that may cause your mattress to lose its nice appearance and eventually get damaged. Below are the details:
  3. Perspiration or body sweat – On average, our body discharges up to 2 pints of moisture every night. This is released when we sweat and breathe and through other bodily fluids. While we sleep, the sweat is absorbed directly by our bedsheet and the mattress itself. This is not going to be the case if you are using a mattress topper. Having one will prevent the sweat from reaching the mattress, as it is absorbed first by the topper. Yes, using one will not prevent the sweating itself, but at least a mattress topper will absorb your sweat and it is easier and cheaper to clean and replace as needed.
  4. As mentioned above, mattress toppers prevent bacteria and dead skin causing your mattress to lose it quality and nice appearance in a short span of time. A mattress topper normally has a removable cover or sheet that can be washed regularly and later be replaced if needed. This can keep the mattress topper looking new, and at the same time keep your mattress protected.
  5. After many years of using a mattress, it will eventually sag or lose its original form. But this situation can be minimized or delayed by having a mattress topper. Using one will absorb your body weight instead of the mattress. As mentioned earlier, it will be cheaper and easier to replace a mattress topper than the mattress itself in case it begins to sag.
  6. While getting a mattress topper will generate extra cost, it is still considered by most homeowners as a practical and cost-efficient material to use to protect a mattress. Keep in mind that a mattress is way more expensive than a mattress topper. Hence, investing in a good mattress topper to protect your mattress is something a homeowner should not think twice about.

sleep innovations 4-inch dual layer mattress topper

Tips When Buying a Mattress Topper

There are various mattress toppers out there. There are different brands, qualities, and other factors to consider. Below are some guidelines to buying a mattress topper.

  1. A mattress topper, obviously, should fit the mattress that you have. Make sure to get an accurate measurement of your mattress before getting a topper.
  2. Although quality and price are sometimes dependent on each other, keep in mind that the price of the mattress topper is not very important. A homeowner should look for quality and affordability. There are high quality, durable, affordable mattress toppers out there. You just need to look around and look hard.

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