How To Put On A Futon Cover – 6 Simple Steps

how to put cover on a futon
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If you own a futon mattress, chances are you will need to put on a futon cover it to preserve the new condition of your best futon mattress. Sometimes, the cover you need for your mattress will come when you purchase the mattress, but at other times you will have to buy it separately. In both situations, the strategy of putting the cover on your futon is similar and knowing the steps to follow will ease your job a lot more.

This is especially useful if you are planning to do this alone which means that you will need to manage both the futon and the futon cover efficiently. Here’s how to put on a futon cover in the simplest way possible!

how to put cover on a futon zipper

Take A Look How to Put On a Futon Cover

Before actually starting to put on your futon cover, check to see that it is the same size as your mattress because this is essential for your success. Once you verified this, follow the next steps on how to put on a futon cover and do it the easiest way possible!

Step 1

Get your futon mattress of the bed or the frame you have it on. To add the futon cover in the easiest way possible, you need to follow the guidance of the frame of the bed or couch. By removing the mattress from the frame, you offer yourself enough space to arrange your futon cover.

Step 2

Place the futon cover on the empty frame. Once the frame of your bed or couch is empty and there is no mattress on it, you can place your futon cover in the way that the mattress would be placed. If the size of your futon cover is the right one, it should cover the same surface of the frame that your mattress does when it is put on it.

However, if you notice that the cover is shorter or longer as well as narrower or wider than the original mattress, you might want to replace it with a cover that is the right size.

For example, if you have a twin futon mattress and your cover is for the queen size, of course they cannot fit together. In this case, we suppose you to estimate the dimension of your current mattress first.

Step 3

Unzip your futon cover. Because the manufacturer considered how to put on a futon cover the easiest way, this product should come with several zippers and snaps placed in convenient places. Unzip all these zippers while you leave your futon cover on the frame.

Step 4

Place your mattress straight on top of the futon cover. Since your cover is open and ready to receive your futon mattress, all you have left to do is to place your mattress on top of it. The mattress should be placed in the section revealed by the unzipped area of the cover. You will have to make sure that your mattress is placed in just the right place so you can work less to cover it with the futon cover.

Step 5

Sink your mattress into the futon cover. When it comes to how to put on a futon cover, this is the most important step to follow. Also, it is the easiest one especially if you did it all correctly until now. You will be able to push your mattress into the shape of the cover easily by adding pressure at its edges at first. Once the corners are correctly placed into the futon cover, you can push the middle of it.

Step 6

Drag the top of the cover over the mattress and zip it in place. Once your mattress is safely placed into the futon cover, all you need to do is seal the cover by using the zippers or snaps that it comes with. Drag the top of the futon cover and make sure it covers the entire surface of the mattress until its edges meet the zipper on the bottom side.

Zip the futon cover-up, and you are done! You might need to arrange it with your hands to make sure that the mattress is filling the cover evenly and there are no empty spaces. However, if the size of the futon cover is the same as the size of the mattress, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Wrap Up on How to Put on a Futon Cover

Futon mattresses are the most popular mattresses on the market thanks to their efficiency and increased level of comfort. Besides knowing how to fold a futon in the right way, you will also need to preserve these mattresses the best way possible which is why purchasing a futon cover might be very important.

This can prolong the lifespan of your mattress and also increase your comfort while you are using it. Follow the steps above on how to put on a futon cover and enjoy your mattress in a new futon cover that will fit it perfectly and you will be able to add easily.

This will come in handy when you take your cover off to wash it, and you want to add it back on without any struggle. Futon covers are made to give you all the help you need when you add them on how mattress.