Union 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

Union 4in1 Convertible Crib
Stefani P
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This is SUCH a great convertible crib – I wish I liked my own bed as much as I love this crib!

If I were just a little smaller, I might have to demote my son to the baby’s bed.

Union 4in1 Convertible Crib - best convertible crib

Everyone loves the way this crib looks in the nursery. It’s a simple, no-frills, classic design, which I think is appropriate given that my son was an infant and not a runway model!

We bought the pretty lagoon color, which provided a nice, bright ‘pop’ of boyish color in our simple nursery.

It was great to be able to pick from a decent selection of colors, too, because most of the more affordable cribs we found were basic white.

I also love that the crib looks the same all the way around, so you don’t have to look for the ‘front’ or ‘back’. This baby doesn’t have a bad side that you need to hide against the wall.

union 4 in 1 convertible crib best convertible crib reviewsThis Union 4 in 1 crib is the best convertible crib I’ve ever encountered, and without the painful price tag that comes with so many other sleek, modern-looking pieces of baby furniture.

This crib was super affordable, the shipping was FAST, and it only took us about thirty minutes to get the whole thing put together– even though I was seven months pregnant, exhausted, and embarrassingly clumsy. This crib was SO easy to assemble, and all the tools that we needed were right there in the box.

The instructions came with great, actual-size pictures of all the bolts, so it was very easy to figure out what went where. No sweat, no tears, and none of my husband’s blood spilled. Success!

This crib meets all the expected safety standards, and it’s completely non-toxic, so we didn’t have to worry about accidentally giving our son lead poisoning.

I was a little concerned when we first put it together because it was surprisingly light, but it has proven to be rather sturdy.

As long as you take good care of your Union 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, and you don’t mind a little cosmetic damage, it should withstand a few kids.

Union 4in1 Convertible Crib GreyThis crib has four different height settings, and for us, they were perfectly spaced apart– when my son was tiny, the highest setting made it very easy to scoop him up every morning, and once he started standing up, we were able to drop the mattress to make sure he didn’t throw himself over the rail.

This crib converts into a toddler bed, day bed, and full-sized bed.

We invested in the conversion kit (sold separately), and had no trouble at all turning it into a toddler bed.

The crib is so clean and simple that it still looks great in my son’s superhero-themed toddler bedroom. How great it is to find furniture that can grow up right along with your little one!

My only complaint is the aforementioned cosmetic damage – the paint chips off with normal wear and tear.

We’ve learned that we have to be careful when we’re moving it around so we don’t scratch up the paint job. That being said, we’ve had no issue with this convertible crib’s structural integrity, so I’d call it a success!

Davinci Union 4-in-1 Convertible Crib in White, Greenguard Gold Certified
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified: This product has been tested for over 10,000 chemicals It contributes to cleaner indoor air, creating a healthier environment for your baby to sleep, play and grow
  • GROWS WITH BABY: Four adjustable mattress positions that can be lowered as your baby begins to sit and stand Easily converts to toddler bed, daybed and full-size bed (toddler kit M3899 and full-size kit M4799 sold separately)
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of solid sustainable New Zealand pine wood Finished in a non-toxic multi-step painting process and lead and phthalate safe
  • FOR YOUR BABY'S SAFETY: Say goodbye to toxic chemicals Finished in a non-toxic multi-step painting process and lead and phthalate safe
  • MATTRESS COMPATIBILITY: While this crib is a standard size regular crib, for a best fit we recommend DaVinci’s line of non-toxic, GREENGUARD Gold, waterproof mattresses
Haley - April 2, 2017

I’m all ears – these convertible cribs are the best idea to save money when buying a baby bed!
What a great idea, that I can simply convert into a bed for an older child.
Thanks for the best crib reviews!

Cheryl - April 3, 2017

Thank you for the excellent information about convertible cribs, and it is good to know how easy they are to convert from a baby crib to a toddler bed and even for a day bed or an grown up bed. I didn’t realise convertible cribs were so versatile!

nina - April 9, 2017

How do you work these convertible cribs ?
Do you just change the frame underneath the crib?
Sounds to simple, but what a great idea!

Adrienne - April 9, 2017

These convertible cribs really are so cute.

Lulu - April 9, 2017

I hope my new crib gets here before the baby arrives

Dom - April 30, 2017

This Union 4-in-1 convertible crib is just what we were looking for
Thanks and keep up the good work

Aimee - May 3, 2017

I love this Union designed crib, but all of the designs look really modern

Simon - May 15, 2017

you have really hit the mark with this article on convertible baby cribs.

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